Machado Aged Care is a Sydney-based company led by leading industry figure Elizabeth Machado.

Already working in the industry, Elizabeth noticed a growing need to provide a comprehensive service to clients, helping them through all aspects of aged care. 

“Clients have had to deal with a number of different agencies or service suppliers to achieve the one thing they seek – a simple, safe and comforting set of supports for their loved ones,” she says.

“We’re all going to get older and we believe everyone deserves to be looked after in such a way that respects their life and achievements. It’s about giving the elderly the respect and care all of us would expect.”

Elizabeth is dedicated to providing excellence in care through the continual development and training of the right people and through a respectful and collaborative management approach.

A Registered Nurse with a Masters in Management specialising in Community and Aged Care, Elizabeth is also a recognised and sought-after aged care trainer and educator. Her strong combination of experience and qualifications sets her apart in the industry. She has more than 20 years of experience, having held senior management roles within both community aged care and residential aged care facilities.

In the industry, Elizabeth is also a respected authority on aged care – as a result, her contacts within the industry are extremely strong, helping her provide a better level of service and attract better quality staff.

As founder of Machado Aged Care, Elizabeth’s vision is to provide ageing people and their families with the kind of personalised, high-quality service that genuinely values them as individuals. Elizabeth’s goal is to always provide the best possible care solution, one that’s perfectly tailored to suit client needs and circumstances.