Machado Aged Care is about delivering services that value and respect the unique individuality of our clients. We are committed to providing creative and practical care solutions that always ensure the needs of our clients. Our dedication to providing the best for families, the elderly and our own people is second to none.

We are devoted to improving the quality and accessibility of aged care services and are passionate about being a dynamic and inspiring part of the Aged Care industry.

Our Ethos

Machado Aged Care strives to maintain its position as a leader in aged care within Australia. Our goal is to always improve our sustainable aged care business, maintaining a strong and always supportive connection to our clients.

We understand that to be successful, caring is not just about looking after clients and their families.  We are dedicated to providing a positive work environment, ongoing training, development and support for our staff.
By maintaining this outlook, Care Solutions Australia will always be a recognised and respected aged care service provider.


Respect – We listen to our clients’ needs and work hard to ensure we completely understand and honour the differing needs of each individual’s circumstances.

Integrity – We bring transparency and integrity to every decision we make, no matter how small.

Quality – Is about doing more for families by using our industry experience to provide meaningful, intelligent, timely and premium services.

Consistency – We maintain the highest standards of service in every aspect of what we do.

Loyalty – We stay with our clients as long as we are needed – no matter how busy our work becomes, all clients are valued.
Understanding – We are always mindful and supportive of our clients. We never forget how challenging aged care issues can be for all involved, and that a supportive approach can ease many pressures.